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How Can Knowledge Open Doors Essay Topics

Here in the tabs are the two major essays I have revised and a little reflection on both of them.

Major Essay #1: Rhetorical Analysis – This assignment will require you to use an important part of your scholarly skill set: Critical Thinking. It addresses Student Learning Outcome (SLO) #1: “Identify and explain the role rhetorical appeals and the rhetorical triangle can play in non-fiction print and/or multimodal texts.” and SLO #5: “Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process, including consideration of peer and/or instructor feedback, in one or more pieces of writing from initial draft to final revision.” Select a non-fiction source (print based or image based) and write a 1000-1250 (±) word Toulmin-style rhetorical analysis of it. You will want to be comprehensive in your analysis. You may want to consider the 3 parts of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle, as well as the 6 (possible) parts of a Toulmin-style Analysis.

Major Essay #2: Exploring My World: RESEARCH PROPOSAL AND ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – This assignment will address the following SLOs: #1. Identify and explain the role rhetorical appeals and the rhetorical triangle can play in non-fiction print and/or multimodal texts; # 2. Create and sustain across one or more pieces of writing a focused research question that responds to an exigent issue, problem, or debate; and #4. Locate, accurately cite (through summary, paraphrasing, and quoting) and critically evaluate primary and secondary sources. You will select and focus a topic and write a proposal for your final research paper, then research that topic to create an annotated bibliography of 8-10 sources.


All the highlighted portions in the revised major essays are changes made that were done after the original work and weren’t made before. This was part of Dino’s revision process.

After Each Main Essay (Major Essay #… … [Revised]) there will be a description and relfection to what changes were made and why.




Informative speech about education

It is with great honor to be with you today to share with you the importance of education. Education has been an essential process for everyone because it leads to a better future. Life without education means you will not understand what is happening around you. Education plays an important role in providing us with adequate knowledge and helps us interpret things and apply the knowledge in real life. Even though education is not limited to classroom settings, we can learn from experience and events, but still education is the foundation of learning.  Education does not only provide us with knowledge, but it also helps us be conscious about our behavior, hence, shaping our character.

Education provides us with additional knowledge about our environment what is expected of us. Through education, we become more civilized and mature. Therefore, good education makes us more human.  As we, all know that education is the key to success; it gives us the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives and open doors to various career opportunities. Education is linked to economic success, therefore, investing in education meaning having a better chance to be employed and living a better life in the future.

Every student needs a college degree to increase his chances of being employed in the formal sectors. Workers with college degrees earn more money compared to those without college degrees. Researchers reveal that an additional year of schooling raises individuals earning the power to more than 15 percent compared to others with standard qualifications. One of the recent studies by the education expert states that four years of college can increase your earnings in the labor market by 65 percent. It is clear that education and economic achievement are intertwined and for this reason, education is the main driver for achieving equal employment opportunities for everyone. Even though the country has made progress by opening doors to enable everyone to have equal education opportunities we need to put more efforts to enable the minority groups to see the benefits of education.

When I reflect back on my education attainment as an African American, I can say that we have achieved a lot in the past few years. High school dropout rate has reduced among African Americans for the past decades compared to other minority groups; this is an encouraging trend that we need to maintain to have a bright future that awaits us. Education can do wonders, to build confidence in making key decisions in life. If we have adequate knowledge, we can easily understand and accept failure and handle success properly.  The only way to reach our career success is to set our life goals where education forms part of it. Everyone wants to succeed in life by earning higher salaries a living a comfortable life. We all need money to survive it is through acquiring a good education that we can achieve our goals in life. Lastly, education is important not only for an individual, but also for the progress of our nation. We need to equip ourselves with adequate knowledge to enable us to improve the economy in the future.

Even if education is not among the basic needs, we need to realize without education the country cannot prosper; therefore, an educated society will make the country become a better place to live in. In conclusion, being educated means being empowered and discovering our talents so that we can sharpen them and make use of them to improve our future lives. Thank you for your time.