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Cover Letter For Cvs Cashier

The Cashier Cover Letter Sample will guide all the candidates applying for this job position in writing their cover letters. The cover letter is one of the important ways to send your resume to the employer. This letter educates the employer about your desire to apply for the position of cashier. Along with this the letter will also portray some of your skills and experiences that make you eligible for the particular job.

However, writing this cover letter is not a simple task and one must pay special attention to several important things to draft an efficient one. Remember, your cover letter becomes your first impression in front of the employer and any mistakes in this letter can make you lose a better opportunity.

There are various points one must keep in mind while drafting their cashier cover letter. Let’s take a look at some of them mentioned below:

  • Educational qualifications, skills and experience are the three most important necessities essential while applying for the job of a cashier. Hence, mentioning these three points in your cover letter is must.
  • Start your letter with a good subject line which educates the employer the reason you are writing this letter.
  • Followed by a good subject line, mention the most essential skills and proficiencies required for the job of a cashier. Go through the employer’s job description and draft your skills accordingly.
  • Do not forget to mention about your current employer in your cover letter. This will inform the employer that you are an experienced candidate as required for this job post.

Hope the above points help you in writing a good cashier cover letter. Now let’s take a look at the cover letter sample that will clear most of your doubts.


3095 Milford Street,
Manchester, NH

August 12, 2014

Mr. John. Watson
HR Manager
Manchester City Bank
Manchester, NH

Dear Mr. Watson,

Re: Application for Cashier Job Position

I am willing to apply for the Cashier job position with Manchester City Bank as advertised by you in the Manchester City Times dated August 12, 2014. I have attached my resume addressing the position requirements.

I am a Commerce Graduate with strong cashiering and customer service skills that make me proficient in my work. Moreover, my experience in handling tough mathematical calculations, maintaining records and generating statements helps me to achieving my daily tasks efficiently.

Currently I am working as a Cashier with ABC Mall, Manchester, NH and my duties their include greeting customer and calculating the gross total of the products, accept cash and return change and receipts, perform credit card transactions, and generate daily reports.

My attached resume includes my detailed bio-data, skills and experiences. Hope this information matches your requirements. Looking for an opportunity for a personal interview where we can discuss more about my potentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Tony Johnson.

Hope the above cashier cover letter sample helps you in writing your own cashier cover letter. Ensure you follow the above points as well writing the letter for yourself.

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Cover Letter and Resume for a Summer Cashier

Are you hoping to land a seasonal job as a cashier this summer? If so, you’ll want to create a resume and accompanying cover letter that are targeted specifically towards summer cashier positions. Here are some tips for tailoring your resume, as well as an example resume and cover letter you can use as models for your own.

Your cover letter should include any previous customer service experience, along with examples of your leadership and communication skills.

It's also a good idea to provide examples of difficult customers you've dealt with, and how things could have been handled differently. This shows potential employers that you have the wherewithal to access difficult situations and you're looking to grow as an employee and succeed, in any position.

If you need help getting started, then the sample summer cashier cover letter provided below will serve as a useful guide. Also, see below for a cashier resume example.

Summer Cashier Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Knight,

Please accept my attached application to work as a cashier at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop. I know the Ice Cream Shop well and would welcome the opportunity to be an employee at your establishment. I believe my excellent customer service experience and leadership abilities make me an ideal candidate and I will work very hard to prove myself.

Your advertisement posted on Craigslist specifies that you require an employee who is comfortable working in the customer service field.

As a cashier at a local grocery store for three years, I have experience providing friendly service to customers even during the busiest hours of service, when patience runs thin. Also, as a member of my university’s entertainment committee, I have gained additional experience in customer service because I made arrangements and provided accommodations for a variety of artists and other performers.

I always greet customers with a smile and I am eager to lend a helping hand when necessary.

Finally, you state that employees must be leaders. I have proven my capability in this area because I have experience running the cash register alone for long periods of time. I have leadership experience in the academic area. I have experience managing meetings for my high school’s literary magazine where I serve as literary editor, and I have served as captain on my high school's track team. Both positions required me to make difficult decisions during stressful times. For example, when a team member was injured right before an important regional race, the track coach and I had to decide who would take her place. As a literary editor, I constantly have to make last-minute decisions about the organization of the magazine.

I am confident that I can handle stressful situations and make important decisions while working as a cashier at your store. I am confident that my customer service abilities and leadership skills are just the qualities you are looking for at the Pink Creamery Ice Cream Shop.

I have enclosed my resume and will call within the next week to see if we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration.


Samantha Fielding

ABC University
111 Education Road
Chicago, IL 60803
Cell: (815) 666-9715

Summer Cashier Resume Example 

Samantha Fielding
815-666-9715 ~
129 Eastwood Terrace
Chatsworth, IL 60921


Bachelor of Arts, ABC University, Chicago, IL, May 20XX
Major: Environmental Studies (Honors)
Minor: Marketing

Qualifications Summary

Customer-oriented Cashier leveraging proven cash handling and communications skills to ensure top service provision to retail store clientele during the summer months.

• Communicate engagingly with customers from all walks of life, proactively defining individual needs and providing an upbeat and positive store experience.

• Excellent command of state-of-the-art scanning, automated point-of-sale, and telephone systems meticulously maintaining cash drawers to ensure adequate levels of cash and coinage.

• Flexible and most willing to work overtime, in the evenings, and on weekends to ensure uncompromised coverage of cashier stations.

• Frequently recognized with “Employee of the Month” awards for “going above and beyond.”

Relevant Experience

Booking AssistantABC Entertainment Committee, ABC University, Chicago, IL
Sept. 20XX - Present

Concurrent with education, serve as Booking Assistant tasked with sourcing and securing talent for campus performances. Contact managers and arrange the performances of comedians, singers, and bands from across the country.

• Recently nominated and awarded title of Booking Assistant due to excellent organizational skills and ability to interact positively with managers and performers.

CashierBig Bites Grocery Store, Chatsworth, IL
Sept. 20XX – Aug. 20XX

Provided superb customer service and handled the payment transactions for hundreds of grocery store customers daily. Greeted and checked out customers, handling cash, credit, and check transactions with 100% accuracy; utilized computerized point-of-sale system. Maintained and restocked inventory.

• Awarded “Employee of the Month” three times for excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Literary EditorChatsworth Folio Literary Magazine, Chatsworth High School, Chatsworth, IL
Sept. 20XX – May 20XX

Responsible for running weekly meetings for a staff of 10 editors of high school newspaper. Mediated contact between editors and story writers; accepted submissions and provided writers with constructive criticism for their pieces.

• Ensured on-time editing and publication of weekly newspaper editions.

Team CaptainChatsworth Track Team, Chatsworth High School, Chatsworth, IL
Spring 20XX

Led team in daily warm-up and cool-down routines.

• Arranged weekly extracurricular activities to encourage and motivate team of 40 runners.

Other Experience

Member, Chatsworth Math Team, Chatsworth High School
Sept. 20XX - May 20XX

Actor, Chatsworth Senior Class Play, Chatsworth High School
Spring 20XX

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