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Battlefield 3 Crossbow Assignments For Kids

A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted onto a stock that shoots projectiles named bolts or quarrels at parabolic arcs. Their first major usage originates in China around 600 BCE. Although they see very little use in modern militaries, crossbows are still used for hunting and recreational target shooting. Modern crossbows can be mounted onto rifle receivers, allowing accessories such as optical sights to be easily added.

Battlefield 2Edit

"The player can fire the zip line (with a crossbow) at any vertical surface and its end will stick. Once in place, the player can slide along the rope."

— In-game description

The crossbow is the name of two items in Battlefield 2: a handheld weapon, as well as the projectile it fires.


The physical crossbow itself is considered a weapon in game-terms, much like the other gadgets. This is the handheld model of the crossbow itself, and shares the same localized name as the projectile it fires. It does no damage, and serves only to generate the projectile.


Zip Lines, localized in-game as crossbow, are projectiles featured in Battlefield 2: Special Forces, issued to the Special Ops and Sniper classes of all factions.

They are used to move from a higher point to a lower one over a longer range than jumping with a Parachute. When using one, Right Mouse Button activates a crosshair that displays either a circle or a cross within the crosshair.

If the icon is a cross, it means the target is out of range. The Left Mouse Button is used to fire the Zip Line to the intended target. To zip down the line, press E. The zipline can be retrieved after use with G. If it is deployed but not used for a certain duration of time it will disappear and will not be retrievable.


Battlefield 3Edit


Inventory slot

Gadget 1 (Assault, Engineer and Recon)
Gadget 2 (Support)

Starting ammunition

Ten bolts

100 m/s (Standard)
150 m/s (Balanced)
45 m/s (Explosive)
150 m/s (Scan Bolt)

Special feature

Changeable ammunition type


100-60 (Normal Bolt)
80-50 (Balanced)
10 (Scan Bolt)
200 (Explosive Impact)
112 (Explosive Splash)


20-50 (Standard) 20-100 (Balanced)

Maximum range

150m (Standard)
225m (Balanced)
67.5m (Explosive)
225m (Scan)

"The Xbow fires a variety of different bolts."

— Battlelog description

The XBOW is an improvised crossbow introduced in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion.

According to a post in the Battlefield Blog, the XBOW is described as a jury-rigged weapon made from a malfunctioning M417 rifle, wire from a broken down car, scrap metal for the bow, and an optical sight like the Red Dot Sight or PKS-07 as shown in the trailer and preview screenshots.[1]

The XBOW, with a default Kobra sight, is unlocked after completing the assignment Sticks and Stones. The XBOW Scoped, with a PKS-07 sight, is unlocked by completing the Go Play Close Quarters assignment.

Aside from differences in targeting and scope sway, the two weapons are functionally identical.

Bolt TypesEdit

See also: Standard bolt

Standard bolts are the starting ammunition type. These three non-standard bolts are unlocked via assignments. Change fire rate (default  V  on PC,  ↓  on consoles) switches between the bolt types. Bolts can only be changed after the bow is fully loaded.

There are three unlockable specialist bolts. The HE Bolt is a C4-tipped variant with higher drop, lower range and a small blast radius. The HE Bolt can also do damage to vehicles, varying depending on the type. Most helicopters will take enough damage to bring them near their disable thresholds, 36%. MBTs however, will take much less. The Scan Bolt, with its 10 meter radius, scans for enemies on the minimap similar to the T-UGS. The Balanced Bolt has less drop and higher velocity, giving the XBOW more marksman tendencies.



Main article: Battlefield 3 Achievements and Trophies
ImageNameCriteriaAchievement PointsTrophy Type
Handyman Unlocked all XBOW parts 20G

There's no question that DICE is known for its Easter eggs. We saw plenty in Battlefield 3, and have already found several in Battlefield 4. With the release of the China Rising expansion pack, you can add another to the list. 

Perhaps the best Easter egg to date, this one isn't found in the game but rather on Battlelog. Premium members should head to the Assignment page, scroll down to Gold Assignments and choose the last one on the list, the Phantom Prospect. 

There are two pieces of criteria to unlocking this assignment. 

  • ?
  • Play as premium once 

Anyone who has premium should have no trouble with the second option; it's the first that had people confused. Well, thanks to our good friend Crashrider, we now know what it means. If you click on the Leaderboards menu item and scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll notice a skull on the left hand side. Click this skull to display several lines of text. You'll be asked to enter a pass code. Making sure to use all lower case letters, type bumpinthenight and press enter. If the pass code is accepted, you'll be granted access to the Phantom Program. Take a look at our screen capture below. 

It's worth noting that several people -- including us -- had trouble entering the pass code while using the Firefox browser. Try Google Chrome, it worked for us. Close that screen down, head back to the Assignment page and once again take a look at the Phantom Prospect. You've now unlocked it and can begin working on completing it.

There are three pieces of criteria to complete the Phantom Prospect assignment.

  • Score 200 kills with Assault rifles
  • Score 200 kills with Main Battle Tanks
  • Get a 300 meter headshot

Once you're done, you'll unlock the Phantom Program Dog Tag.

Be sure to let us know in the comments, what Easter eggs have you found in Battlefield 4?