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Deputy Court Clerk Cover Letter

(Manager’s Name)

HR Manager

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Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Manager’s Name)

I am interested in applying for the full time position as a Senior Office Clerk as posted on Website.  Enclosed is my resume for your reference.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in Feb 2007. Since then, I’ve performed seven years of administrative experience.  In that time, I’ve gained in depth knowledge of the various tasks and duties required of office clerks across the spectrum of job roles. I have a wide ranging familiarity with Microsoft Office and other office management software, and have developed a suite of efficiency tools to keep the office organized and on task.

Working as Head Office Clerk at Omega Corporations has prepared me to meet the challenges of a managerial role in professional office environment. I have shown my competency in clerical duties such as filing, typing, answering phone calls, and dealing with public. I simplified the process of retrieving data from the computer systems, maintaining departmental records, and typing daily reports, which allowed the company to save $24,000 in labour cost annually. In addition, I was responsible for supervising and training a staff of three regular clerks and four interns. I believe that my proven managerial skills and cost cutting abilities, I can contribute effectively to your company and be a valuable employee.

Additionally, I worked at Land’s End Industries where I handled the payroll activities for 60+ employees, answered an average of 40 calls per day and improved customer service rating by 15% via training other employees in new service techniques. Throughout my tenure I was reputed for taking the initiative, welcoming challenges, and scrutinizing alternatives to overcome obstacles.

I would be thrilled to have an opportunity to personally interview with you. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your consideration.




T: Phone number

E: email address

Deputy Clerk Cover Letter

The cover letter is one of the most important documents in your job search as it is the first thing that the employer will notice. The main objective of the cover letter is to make you more marketable. While writing the letter, make sure you tell the reader about your skills and work experience and how well you fit for the job post.

There are certain rules and tips you need to know while writing the cover letter. Prove the employer you are worthy for the job post.

  • The letter should look informative and the employer should find you suitable for the job opening.
  • The cover letter should highlight your accomplishments and achievements. However, make sure that the letter does not sound like an autobiography. The letter should not exceed more than one page length.
  • This is an introductory document so tell recruiter something about yourself and interest. Include information such as when you are free and when you can come for an interview. This will help the recruiter to contact you when you are free. Thus saving both of your time.
  • Other information such as salary requirements is something that should be avoided. Until and unless you are asked about it. If asked, you can state the range of your salary and avoid giving a concrete figure.
  • You can conclude the cover letter by asking for a follow up interview. Include your contact information here. This will make their job easier to call you.

The sample cover letter for deputy clerk will show you some important guidelines and tips to write these letters and make a huge difference in your job search.

Sample Deputy Clerk Cover Letter

Your Full Name:
Contact Details:
Email Address:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Employer's Full Name:
Company's Name and Address:

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Employer's Last Name),

Your advertisement on (mention the source of the job vacancy) for the position of a deputy clerk caught my attention this morning. I had been looking to work with your organization / company as a deputy clerk. I believe that my work experience and credentials make me an ideal candidate for the post.

I was working with (mention the name of your previous work place) as a deputy clerk for the last ten years. Here I was involved with all the administrative processes that are of outmost importance in a court operation. In addition to scheduling the official matters and made sure that there are calling cases on the docket, I also contacted the witnesses and lawyers. I have an excellent vocabulary and have a considerable knowledge of the practices and procedures involved in accounting. I possess keen organizational skills and am capable of paying careful attention. I possess excellent basic computer proficiency.

I would appreciate if we could meet up and discuss on this more at your convenient time. You can call me at (insert your contact details) or email me at (mention your email address).

Your Full Name:

Enclosures: Resume and Work experience Certificate

As you can see here the deputy clerk cover letter is an extremely important document that helps you show your interest and enthusiasm for the post. It is also referred to as the motivational letter because it aims to show the prospective employer how you are eligible for the job post and make an ideal choice for it. Unlike the resume which is more generic, the cover letter can be tailored according to the requirement for position in the organization. Make the best use of this letter and stand out from the rest of the applicants. We wish you good luck for your job search with an effective cover letter!

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