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Wrockwardine Wood Arts College Head Teacher Personal Statement

On behalf of the Governors, the staff, the pupils and myself it gives me great pleasure, as Head Teacher, to welcome you to the Wrockwardine Wood Church of England Junior School website. 

Our newly designed website will hopefully make it easier for you to keep up to date with the news and events connected with our school, as well as providing you with information about the various policies, practice and procedures in our school. Our new website has been designed to give you a flavour of our school, insights into what happens here, as well as providing regular updated information for parents but to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Our children are very important to us and so, as well as prioritising their academic progress,  we constantly strive to make sure that they develop socially, in terms of self esteem and in confidence too. We encourage them to have a go at things that their parents may never have thought they would see their child doing and we always look to praise our students whenever and wherever possible. In such we hope that the children will become life long learners with a true sense of pride in themselves and their achievements.
We love having visitors in school and when we do, the children act as their guides. Such visits always culminate in compliments for the children on their manners, sense of pride in the school and their confidence as well as them mentioning the calm but fun atmosphere we have here. In fact our School Mission Statement was decided by the pupils themselves who see our school as a place where ‘happiness, health and hard work are the keys to success.’ The best way to sample our school ethos is to come and visit the school and sample the feeling here. You will love it!

The children and their best interests are at the heart of what we do here at Wrockwardine Wood and we aim to work alongside you as parents as partners in your child’s education. As a staff, we hope that you will become friends as we move through school together supporting your child in their development. To help maximise their potential we have designed a curriculum which is creative and imaginative. However, we recognise that children need skills and competencies before they can truly flourish in the learning journey. These skills need explicit teaching as do the skills for learning they will need to acquire for life long learning and so these are firmly embedded in our teaching too. We also offer a wide range of curriculum enrichment activities which enhance children’s learning including an array of clubs, trips and educational experiences.
I have been at the school since January 2007 and I love it here. I have recently been appointed Head Teacher after nearly 8 years as Deputy and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! The children are a big part of that and I am very proud of them. When you meet them, you’ll soon see why!

We look forward to welcoming you into our family very soon.

With Best Wishes,

Mrs Julie Henry

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